Rules and suggestions

Welcome, friends!
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Rules and suggestions

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Dear Friends!

Simple forum rules:

1. No Flaming, No Spam.
Please keep Spam to a minimum. Spam consists of posts such as "ok" and "lol". To not be considered Spam, your post must be longer than 5 characters.
Flaming is considered anything that is said or done to insult another member. All members are to be treated fairly.

2. No Discrimination.
Be tolerant and mutually polite.

3. No Illegal Discussions / Downloads.
Our forum is designed to communicate to CDRR and other "common" themes. Prohibited discussion threads contrary to the laws and constitutions. No links to illegal downloads or copyrighted materials are permitted.

4. No Alternate Accounts.
Additional accounts are prohibited.

5. Topics to Avoid.
Politics, Religion and Drugs are off limits.

6. Content / Pictures /
Perversion, pornography, or links to like material are NOT ALLOWED. Beautiful and high quality nude content allowed. Admissibility of any erotic drawings determined personally by the owner of the resource.

7. Respect and friendship of Members Forum.
Treat people the way you want them to treat you.

8. Language.
The main language spoken - English. Translation - on request. This is not too much of a problem, talk how you want, but please do not swear.
Si taayabuni waane Adanu, mambo yalio dumani(Не удивляйтесь, дети Людей, вещам, что происходят в этом мире) Поговорка суахили.